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The Friends of Cyrus Children’s ABA Clinic provides center based ABA Therapy — or Applied Behavior Analysis —  to children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Our goals are to instill confidence in children’s’ ability to meet challenges, to teach valuable skills that foster early success patterns and to nurture positive relationships.


Friends of Cyrus enhances the lives of children by unlocking their full learning potential. Programming is individualized and designed based on teaching social, play, communication and daily living skills. Our clinic teaches independence while improving the lives of children and their families.


Our team of behavior support professionals understand that every child has different strengths and abilities that makes them unique.

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Skills We Teach

We teach our young learners a wide variety of skills critical to their growth and development.


The communication skills we teach include growing a child’s receptive and expressive language. This means learning to respond to one’s name, imitating sounds and words, and developing the ability to request and label concepts. We also offer individualized modalities, targeted to each child’s specific needs, such as sign language and pecs. 


The social skills we teach emphasize peer to peer interaction, including sharing with others, initiations and greetings and increasing overall pro-social engagement. We also focus on eye contact, attending skills, and we deliver group instruction integrated through music and movement.


The daily living skills we teach include toilet training and hand washing, facilitating meal time independence and general self care.


The play and leisure skills we teach help our young learners imitate actions and learn to explore and navigate new environments. We focus on turn taking with peers and teach simple, independent and dramatic play. We also help children develop fine and gross motor skills.


The pre-academic and academic skills we teach are the pillars of maximizing early education successes. They include a focus on waiting skills, engagement during tasks and work activities, following basic instructions, hand writing and problem solving.

“According to CDC, New Jersey’s Autism prevalence rate is now 1 in 34, compared to 1 in 59 nationally. ABA can be a highly effective intervention for children of any age, but research indicates that children who start ABA therapy at a young age tend to attain better outcomes. Given the importance of these clinical findings, coupled with the increasingly relevant demographic trends, I am thrilled to announce the first of many ABA clinics that Friends of Cyrus will be opening and operating. Our Senior Board Certified Behavior Analysts are some of the most passionate, driven clinicians I’ve ever known. Our team strives to provide positive outcomes by utilizing the most effective known ABA techniques, with the goal of changing behaviors of social significance. Diana Martin and Kassi Metz have worked tirelessly to open the doors to our first clinic. I am truly blessed and grateful.”


Kamelia Kameli, MA, LNHA

Founder and Executive Director

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 Staff Ratios and Credentials

The Friends of Cyrus ABA Therapy Clinic is supervised and operated by Board Certified Behavior Analysts trained in VB MAPP, ABLLS, certified PEAK LEVEL 1, and instructors in crisis management and positive behavior supports. We offer 1:1, 2:1 ratios, and small group instruction

 Insurance Options

We accept Horizon, AmeriHealth, Cigna,  Aetna and private pay.

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Phone: 856-780-0083; Email: Abaclinic@friendsofcyrus.com

Kassi Metz – Kassi@friendsofcyrus.com

Diana Martin – Diana@friendsofcyrus.com



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