Children’s Summer ABA Services

Children’s Summer ABA Services

Summer is here!!!


And we’ve all traded in our coats in for swimsuits! 

As any parent of a child with autism knows, the summer months not only present a fantastic opportunity for fun in the sun, but also for intervention that can help children develop tools that will last a lifetime. As luck would have it, our skilled ABA Therapists are experts at helping children maximize their potential in key areas of growth, while also ensuring they have the fun they deserve. Below, Friends of Cyrus BCBA’s Diana Martin and Kassi Metz  introduce themselves and discuss the value of summer time ABA. Whether it’s about In-home or clinic based ABA programming, we welcome you to reach out at (856)-780-0083, or at

Year-round skills we teach 


Irrespective of the season, the FOC children’s ABA team balances individualized attention with the empirically proven analysis and intervention strategies. We are experts at teaching:

Communication skills, which include assisting a child in the growth of receptive and expressive language.

Social skills, which emphasize peer to peer interaction, including sharing with others, initiations and greetings and increasing overall pro-social engagement.

Daily living skills, including teaching toilet training and hand washing, meal time independence and general self care.

Play and leisure skills, which include helping our young learners imitate actions and learn to explore and navigate new environments.

Pre-academic and academic skills, which are nothing less than the pillars of maximizing early education successes.

Special Summertime Opportunities


 At our ABA clinic, having outdoor play space allows us to further match activities with children’s individualized needs and interests. Finding the right balance between focused skill acquisition,  fun and flexible learning, and individualized needs is a goal we are very familiar with, and have achieved many times in the past with the children we support. What’s more, outdoor play allows children to develop social skills in dynamic play settings with sensory friendly considerations. This means friendships, play, and summer fun!


Interested in talking about possibilities? Again, give us a call anytime! (856)-780-0083.



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