Kamelia Kameli, MA, LNHA – Founder, COO, Executive Director

Kamelia Kameli, MA, LNHA – Founder, COO, Executive Director

Kamelia offers a unique blend of professional and personal experience relative to this venture. Kamelia has been involved in the healthcare industry for more than fifteen years. She has led the business development projects of programs for children with disabilities, specialty nursing home units, medical adult day care, partial hospital programs and foreign nursing placements. She has extensive experience in developing fundraising campaigns, grant writing as well as community and political outreach.


Kamelia holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and a master’s degree in Counseling. She is also a Certified Assisted Living Administrator and a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator. Additionally, she is a Certified PCT Trainer (Personal Control and Defensive Techniques.) Kamelia also has an adult son with Autism.


“What makes our services a success is our well-trained and dedicated staff and our commitment to quality care. I wouldn’t ask for anything less for my own son, Cyrus. After all, every client becomes a family member and a Friend of Cyrus.”

Email: kamelia@friendsofcyrus.com


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