Community Residences 

Friends of Cyrus maintains an ever-growing community residence program. Our homes include 24-hour support and supervision, life skills training, community based and recreational activities, transportation and appropriate clinical supports.


Our house managers and direct support staff members are passionate about helping our residents acquire skills that will embolden them to achieve their highest possible level of independence.  We do this by focusing on quality of every day life, as well as general self-perception,  self-esteem and confidence. We assist our clients in completing every day tasks, competing for employment opportunities, and combating mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression. 


We strive to care for each participant as if they were members of our own family, to care for our employees in order to help them succeed in their roles and to foster community relationships that promote fellowship and understanding of our clients and our community.


Kamelia and David

Home Locations

Our 10 homes are located throughout Southern New Jersey. Each residence is led by a house manager, an assistant house manager and a team of dedicated direct support professionals. Together, we assist our residents in meeting goals, overcoming barriers, and engaging in the community. All staff receive intensive training to meet the needs of the individuals we serve.

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