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Organization providing services and supports for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.
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Enhanced Behavioral Adult Day Program

Friends of Cyrus II has developed the Enhanced Behavioral Day Program (EBDP) as part of our services in the intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) community. The Tabernacle program was implemented in March of 2023 in order to monitor and treat behavioral concerns that many individuals with I/DD may be occurring. Due to the success and desperate need for programs such as this, Friends of Cyrus II has expanded the EBDP to Millstone Township, NJ.

Dr. Timothy Nipe, PhD., BCBA-D

Chief Clinical Officer

“Too often, adolescents who are impacted by developmental disabilities like ASD, do not receive the care they need to enjoy the quality of life they deserve as an adult. When one considers the vast discrepancy between the funding available for adolescents and those available to adults, the need for new ideas in treatment models for adults with high-risk challenging behaviors becomes all too clear. I feel incredibly grateful working for Friends of Cyrus II, where care is always the priority. This has allowed myself and my team to think creatively about how to bring clinical resources to bear where they are needed most.”

The development of Friends of Cyrus II’s Enhanced Behavioral Day Program (EBDP) is the physical embodiment of FOC II’s commitment to care. The program serves individuals whose challenging behaviors pose a significant risk of harm to themselves or others. Staffing ratios of 2:1 and small clinical caseloads (6-8 per clinician) allow for the type of intensive clinical assessment, treatment monitoring and training that will ensure positive outcomes for the individuals served.

Higher Quality Support

The Behavior Support Plans that are developed within the EBDP will rely almost exclusively on experimental analysis. Whether it is establishing a sound clinical foundation based on the results of a functional analysis, or the vetting of individual treatment plan components through a treatment analysis, the plans developed within the EBDP will leverage the most up-to-date best practices of behavioral science.

Increased Clinical Support

Large clinical caseloads are a byproduct of the limited funding available to support clinical services delivered to adults. Too often, this funding is not representative of the care needed to enact lasting and socially-significant changes in behavior. Overseen by a BCBA-D, the EBDP provides increased clinical support that will result in small caseloads for the BCBA’s.

Increased Direct Support

The theme of smaller caseloads is carried over to the direct support role. Our Behavior Technicians support the adults served by the EBDP at a ratio of up to 2:1. This facilitates a focus on data collection and treatment integrity vital to reaching socially-significant outcomes for the adults served within the program.

Enhanced Support

To ensure excellence in the area of direct support, the behavior technicians within the program receive their direct supervision from the clinical team. Enhanced supervision and training is at the heart of what separates the EBDP from the other day habilitation programs available to adults with I/DD.

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