Lifetime with Cyrus

Lifetime with Cyrus (LWC) is Friends of Cyrus’s sister agency/second branch. Based in South Jersey, LWC offers a thriving day habilitation program, prevocational training services, and has 10 community residences. Before November 2018, LWC was referred to exclusively as “FOCII.”


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Please direct general inquiries to contact@lifetimewithcyrus.com

Day Habilitation Program

The Lifetime with Cyrus adult day habilitation program assists our clients in all aspects of daily living. When an individual joins us, our team conducts person centered planning meetings to identify the most growth-oriented activities for each individual.


LWC maintains two day habilitation programs – in Delanco, NJ and Medford, NJ. Our dedicated staff teach participants daily living skills, engage them in community activities, and identify and support prevocational training opportunities.


For more information, please contact:


Erika Thomas – Director of Day Habilitation, Delanco


AJ Birardi – Director of Day Habilitation, Medford


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 Prevocational Training

The Lifetime with Cyrus prevocational program provides key learning  experiences designed to prepare our individuals for paid employment and volunteer work opportunities. We focus on the individuality of each participant, assessing personal interests, level of preparedness, and overall strengths. While formal prevocational training takes place in the community, our passionate staff also convey general workplace knowledge in our day habilitation program.


LWC engages in a person-centered planning process, and outlines goals and in each individual’s Person Centered Planning Tool (PCPT).  We include participation in Prevocational Training in each individual’s ISP (Individual Service Plan), and provide strategies to assist our participants in reaching their goals.


For more information, please contact:


AJ Birardi – Director of Day Habilitation, Medford


Community Residences

Lifetime with Cyrus maintains an ever-growing community residence program. Our homes include 24-hour support and supervision, life skills training, community based and recreational activities, transportation and appropriate clinical supports.


We strive to care for each participant as if they were members of our own family, to care for our employees in order to help them succeed in their roles and to foster community relationships that promote fellowship and understanding of our clients and our community.


Our 10 homes are located throughout Southern New Jersey. Each residence is led by a house manager, an assistant house manager and a team of dedicated direct support professionals. Together, we assist our residents in meeting goals, overcoming barriers, and engaging in the community. All staff receive intensive training to meet the needs of the individuals we serve.


For more information, please contact:


Jessica Mulhern – Vice President of Support Services