Prevocational Training

The Friends of Cyrus prevocational program provides key learning  experiences designed to prepare our individuals for paid employment and volunteer work opportunities. We focus on the individuality of each participant, assessing personal interests, level of preparedness, and overall strengths. While formal prevocational training takes place in the community, our passionate staff also convey general workplace knowledge in our day habilitation program. 

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Workplace Skills Taught

-Ability to follow directions
-Ability to communicate with supervisors, coworkers and customers
-Computer training
-Ability to attend to tasks
-Workplace problem solving skills and strategies
-General workplace safety and mobility training


FOC engages in a person-centered planning process, and outlines goals and in each individual’s Person Centered Planning Tool (PCPT).  We include participation in Prevocational Training in each individual’s ISP (Individual Service Plan), and provide strategies to assist our participants in reaching their goals.

 Volunteer and Work Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities:

Catholic Charites

Compassionate Care

Habitat for Humanity

Local Park Cleaning


Programs within Pre-Vocational Hours:

Learning to type

Cleaning for the Delanco building

Cleaning of the office building (kitchen and training room)

Recycling program for all homes

Simple data entry



Service Details

Staff Ratio: TBA


Hours:  TBA


Prevocational Homebase:  175 Tuckerton Rd. Medford, NJ.   

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Jessica Mulhern  – Executive Vice President