Mark Hersh, MS – Director of Residential Services

Mark Hersh, MS – Director of Residential Services

Mark has been working in the social services field for over 15 years developing programs, providing community-based counseling, behavioral and residential supportive services for individuals and families. His concentrations in behavioral and community integration practices have created a solid foundation upon which he built the principals of his person centered focus. Mark remains dedicated to improving the quality of life, while creating enriching community-based opportunities for the individuals with developmental disabilities under his care.


Mark maintains required standards and compliance, provides training and supervision to our team of Direct Support Professionals, Behaviorists and Supervisors, and participates as a member of the agency’s Management Team.


Mark holds a Master’s of Science degree in Psychology; a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology and is a Certified Elementary Education Teacher. Additionally, he is a Certified PCT Trainer (Personal Control and Defensive Techniques.)

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