Community Residences for Adults With Disabilities

Friends of Cyrus maintains a vast number of Community Residences for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities approved for DDD services! Our homes include 24-hour support and supervision, life skills training, community based and recreational activities, transportation, and appropriate clinical supports.

Our house managers and Direct Support staff members are passionate about helping residents acquire skills that assist them in achieving their highest possible level of independence.  We do this by focusing on quality of every day life, as well as general self-perception,  self-esteem and confidence. We assist our clients in completing every day tasks, competing for employment opportunities, and combating mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression.

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We strive to care for each participant as if they were members of our own family, to care for our employees in order to help them succeed in their roles and to foster community relationships that promote fellowship and understanding of our clients and our community.

Our Homes – Residences for Adults With Disabilities

Our homes are located throughout Burlington and Middlesex Counties in New Jersey. Residential Directors work closely with house managers, assistant house managers and a team of dedicated direct support professionals. Together, we assist our residents in meeting goals, overcoming barriers, and engaging in the community. All staff receive intensive training to meet the needs of the individuals we serve.

Are you or anyone you know looking for support services for a loved one with intellectual or developmental disabilities? If that is the case, visit our Community Residences Openings page to see which homes have rooms available!

Continue reading below to learn about our Community Residences for adults with disabilities.

Browns Mills

Pemberton Township, including the Browns Mills neighborhood within it, is a nature-lovers delight. Located on the Northwestern Edge of the Pine Barrens reserve, Pemberton offers an array of recreational and community activities; from its famed cranberry bogs and blueberry farms, to its many fish-filled lakes.

Algonquin group home adult disabilities
Algonquin Home – Male Residence

The residents of Algonquin love to hang out and watch movies together. When they’re not catching up on their favorite films and shows, they enjoy special trips to their favorite restaurants.

Cochita homes for adults with disabilities
Cochita Home – Female Residence

When the ladies at Cochita aren’t spending time inside watching movies and doing group activities, they love going shopping together. After all, their wardrobes aren’t going to update themselves!

Morris group home adult disabilities
Morris Home – Female Residence

Our residents living in Morris enjoy spending time with each other and their direct support staff, especially when a trip to the beach or their favorite store is involved.

Rhode Island group home adult disabilities
Rhode Island Home – Male Residence

Our Rhode Island residents are some of our most accomplished movie buffs. Whether they’re rewatching an old favorite or experimenting with something new, they enjoy doing it together.

Cherokee homes for adults with disabilities
Cherokee Home – Male Residence

The fun doesn’t stop at Cherokee! The residents of this home love soaking up some sun at the beach, listening to music, and eating out at their favorite restaurants with their support staff.

Mohawk homes for adults with disabilities
Mohawk Home – Male Residence

Our Mohawk residents adore trips to the beach and their favorite stores and restaurants. They also enjoy a good gaming session when hanging out at home together.

Poppy homes for adults with disabilities
Poppy Home – Male Residence

The gentleman at Poppy are our resident bargain hunters. Nothing gets them more excited than trips to the Dollar Store.

Ridge homes for adults with disabilities
Ridge Home – Male Residence

Our residents at Ridge love getting out of the house. Their favorite activities are relaxing car rides and spending time at their local park. At home, they can’t get enough of watching an old classic – Barney & Friends!


Willingboro is a mid-sized town known for its near 180 acres of park space. Its abundance of parks, playgrounds, lakes, and nature preserves make it the ideal place for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle associated with New Jersey.

Enfield homes for adults with disabilities
Enfield Home – Female Residence

The ladies over at Enfield enjoy outings in the community more than anything. Some spots they frequent include the local park and their favorite restaurants.

Nevada community residence disabilities
Nevada Home – Male Residence

When the gentlemen at Nevada aren’t out at Day Program or hanging out at home, they enjoy getting some fresh air on relaxing car rides and walks in the park.

Exton homes for adults with disabilities
Exton Home – Male Residence

Our residents at Exton love taking advantage of the numerous parks and nature preserves within Willingboro. The great outdoors is always calling their name!

Nottingham group home for adults with disabilities
Nottingham Home – Male Residence

The folks living at Nottingham are also big fans of outings with their support staff. Trips to the park and their favorite food spots are always on the schedule.


Located in the heart of the Pine Barrens, Medford is a hub of business and leisure for Southern New Jersey. The town offers many opportunities for recreational activities including private camps, bike paths, walking trails, and regular community events.

Charlestown homes for adults with disabilities
Charlestown Home – Male Residence

The residents of our Charlestown home are an extremely diverse group of individuals. Each of the gentleman living in this home have a vast pool of interests that they enjoy sharing with their support staff.

White Birch homes for adults with disabilities
White Birch Home – Male Residence

The guys at White Birch are pretty sporty! They love playing basketball and using their tablets to catch up on sports highlight reels.

East Brunswick

Listed as one of New Jersey’s “Top 25 Towns,” East Brunswick is diverse, progressive, and provides a wealth of recreational activities for its residents. Whether you are looking to catch a movie, have some fun in the sun at the Crystal Springs Aquatic Facility, or relax in one of its many public parks, East Brunswick will keep you active and engaged.

We’re currently filling vacancies in our brand new development, the Hardenberg Home! If you are interested in the admissions process and the services we provide, please reach out to our Assistant Executive DirectorJessica.

Hardenberg homes for adults with disabilities
Hardenberg Home – Male Residence

South Brunswick

Kendall Park is a community within the bounds of South Brunswick Township, nationally ranked as one of the Best Places to Live in America by CNN in 2011. This suburban haven is perfect for individuals who enjoy their privacy at home but also have a desire to connect with an active and diverse local community.

Cambridge homes for adults with disabilities
Cambridge Home – Male Residence

The gentleman over at Cambridge are huge fans of basketball and love a good thrill. When they’re not shooting some hoops at the local park, they enjoy spending time at trampoline and amusement parks.

Wheeler group home adult disabilities new jersey
Wheeler Home – Male Residence

Our residents at Wheeler are extremely tech-savvy. They love hanging out on their iPads, watching Barney & Friends, and playing with their toy cars together.

Are you or anyone you know looking for homes for adults with disabilities? Please contact our Admissions Team to get the help you need.

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